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Artist Statement

My work usually comes to me as poetry first.  Not necessarily good poetry, but personal, intimate poetry, then I begin to see the images.  Black Sheep is no exception.  This is the poem that was the trigger for this experience:

You only find me in the dark,
In the traces of what I used to be…
And you come in like a flood,
a wave of heat and regret.
She’s gone.
I’ll keep that with me
So I fill her space
with time
with art
I get older and heavier
But the girl is still there,
Where you left her,
in the silence,
Life moving around her.

Every body of work I make, I learn from.  This series is exploring change and the way things come out of you always different and more complex than the way they went in.  It’s about being born all over again into adulthood and leaving behind certain things in order to survive.



It’s here at this pivotal point that you can begin to see more clearly what has shaped you.  Hard lessons become assets.  Black Sheep is only about the beginning of this journey.

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