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Artist Statement

Sometimes we come to a place in our lives where we must burn everything to the ground.  There comes an energy that takes root inside of us, grows slowly and devours parts of what we once were.   It is simply unavoidable.  We must either throw gas on the fire or smolder and gradually break under its heat.  We must be reborn.
“The Price of Everything” explores the journey of a shift from a long-standing stable archetype in one’s life to a state of complete uncertainty and change.  For me, this journey was about questioning everything that I knew—my role as a women in society, my role as wife, as a daughter, as a friend, and especially as an artist.  How much of who I had become was really me and how much of it was a projection of what I thought I should be, what I thought made me happy.  It is a masquerade that we all participate in at one time or another, a mask we all wear.  Until we don’t.  Then we must adapt or die.  
For me this shift was seismic.  Scary.  Exciting.  Everything had changed, right down to the medium I was working in.  My previous work in photography was ethereal and digitally generated--now, I needed to touch my work again.  I found myself once again, a painter.  I wanted a process that was acute, work that existed in front of me that was tangible during the whole process, instead of an image that wasn’t, in a sense, “real” until it was printed into the physical world.  Everything was becoming visceral.  On a journey such as this, you sometimes end up where you started, at the core of who you are, climbing out of the dirt and mud to pick a new road to travel down.

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