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Artist Statement

This series is an aesthetic departure from my previous work, but it does have roots in some of my early work.  The imagery started as paintings, oil on paper, just some texture studies I was experimenting with back in 2003.  Then it grew into an early photo project of taping sprouted seeds to my windows…that didn’t work out.  But, I kept seeing it, these womb like images, with sprouts, no maybe webs, maybe it’s a kidney or a stomach.  Visually it grew from there into the images you see in this series.

I made this work after having had three very tumultuous years.  Everything had been changing rapidly and many of the people around me were experiencing the same thing.  I had turned thirty during that time and I noticed marked changes in myself and my relationship with the people around me.  I started making short writings about these changes, and soon realized that this is where these images that I kept painting and sketching and shooting, fit.  It just was suddenly clear to me.

It is those relationships, with the people closest to me, that are represented by this series.  There are some people from my past, who made reappearances in one way or another during those three years, and others who I see daily or almost daily.  I’ve included small sections of the writings to go with the images.  Some however, have nothing written for them at all. This is because I have not yet resolved where exactly I am regarding that relationship right now, it’s not necessarily bad, just confusing.

All the titles were carefully selected and are a direct reference, in some way to the person represented.  Sometimes it is somewhat general and other times it’s extremely personal and they may be the only other one who recognizes it.

As with all my work, this series is intensely personal.  It is my hope that although you might not relate to my specific experience, you will bring something of your own to it and relate it to your own life and experiences.

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